Monday, January 23, 2017

Quick Update From Us! Pray For Us As We Are About To Leave For Spain.

Quick catch up update from us!

It's been a wild ride so far on this 5 month scouting trip! Can't believe it's almost over! God has done SO MUCH!! We have met so many people, made some really cool contacts, had some amazing divine appointments and have seen a TON of amazing friends and family! We are so excited to share more soon. And now we have ONE more leg left - Europe!

So far we have seen family on the east coast and Hawaii, been to 3 YWAM weddings (one of them we officiated - so fun), went to Vegas and saw our FIRST EVER Cirque Du Soleil show, and then made our way up to Bethel Church in Redding where God rocked us and spoke to us a lot about our future! (we'll share more soon =)....

anyway we just wanted to keep you all in the loop so you didn't think we forgot about you!

We have a ton of pics and a huge update we've already put together but we are saving it for after Europe just so we can include what God does in that time in our letter.

We leave Sunday for a month and would love your prayers! We are going to scout out locations for our show, reconnect with contacts and YWAM friends we made there 2 years ago, as well as possibly share on the DTS that's running there etc...

We also are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary there which is going to be so fun for us!!

Then we head to North Africa (locations hidden for security reasons) to see some really good friends who are doing ministry there among Muslims!

After Europe we will send our last update and REVEAL what is next for us! Cuz we already know... =) We'll keep you in suspense =). Some of you already know. =)


- That God connects us with the right people for our show
- That Luke and I have some quality time together. It's been GO GO GO so we really need some quiet time to reflect and process all that God has done. (pray for a baby sitter for us here lol)
- That we are an encouragement to our friends ministering in North Africa
- That no sickness or danger touches us at all!

That's it!

Talk to you soon!

Bethany, Luke and Josiah

P.S. Couldn't help but post some cute pics of Josiah. He's loving his bath times these days.


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