Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Show is Moving Forward!

Hey everyone! Here's a little update on what's been happening with us recently...and where we are headed :-)


We just went to the sickest conference at Bethel called the School of Creativity! It was seriously amazing. We didn't even know about it until Bethany bumped into a girl waiting in line for the bathroom at church. This girl was working on a creative dance piece for the conference and after hearing what we were doing she said "Oh my gosh, you HAVE to go to this conference! It's the best one all year!" Well, we felt like it was the Lord and bought tickets that day. :-)

But there was only one problem...the conference was 4 days long (morning to night) and well...let's just say that we haven't had the best run with our son Josiah and babysitters. He cries so hard just about every time we get someone to watch him (he's pretty sensitive) so 4 days straight was going to be REALLY hard for him. Not to mention, expensive (to pay babysitters). 
Well, God had a plan already...he put it in Bethany's mom's heart to come and babysit for us the whole conference!! Liz flew all the way from Hawaii to Redding, CA to hang out with her grandson for a week! We were so blessed and just knew that God had made a way for us!
Back to the conference...

It's hard to sum it all up but we were encouraged, challenged, inspired, and blown away pretty much every day! God was speaking so much to us. Two themes stood out to us. First, it was all about people going after huge dreams in things they had NO EXPERIENCE or EXPERTISE IN!! Sound familiar? And secondly, it was about COLLABORATION. Working together in unity with others!
Ok check this out: Our friends Fab and Claire (who are on staff at Bethel and are very connected to people in the arts) told us that there were some theatrical producers from London at the conference that he wanted us to meet. We said "of course!". He introduced us to these three amazing people and then had to leave. Well, we absolutely HIT IT OFF with them! They were so similar to us in so many ways! They had produced a musical all about the gospel and were believing for it to go worldwide! Obviously we aren't doing a musical but our hearts lined up on so many things it was ridiculous! They even said "our show isn't for Christians...Christians can come to it but it's not for them. It's for the LOST." Bethany and I have said that so many times! And sometimes it seems like people back away a bit when you talk about doing art and...the E word. Evangelism. But that's another story :-) Anyways, after praying and talking together for a while we all decided to head into the main sanctuary because worship had already started. We had all saved seats beforehand. Well, as we go to find our seats we say goodbye to our new friends from London...but when we arrive at our seats we looked up and who is directly next to us? Yup. Out of almost a thousand people, they were next to us. We all laughed! God is pretty funny huh?

We all felt it was a God connection. We'll keep you posted.
Our new friends from London :-)
Ok, so what's next for us? Well, tomorrow we fly to Europe! We will be there June 1-26. The main reason we are heading there is to marry our dear friends Daniel and Cathinka in Germany! He is German and she is Norwegian. We staffed DTS together and have loved each other like crazy ever since! It will be such an honor to be a part of their big day!

But since we were already going to be in Europe, Bethany and I felt to book our stay for a month to leave room for God to connect us with people for our show. We had already made some amazing contacts the last time we were there so we were just believing He would follow up on those...and more. Well, so far our plan is to go to Berlin to meet up with a guy named Joseph who spoke on my DTS in Kona and who is now living in Berlin with his family. He is connected with artists all over Europe and he wanted us to come and visit! Yeeew! Also, he invited us to join him in Alesund,Norway at a gathering of Christian artists. They are all getting together to strategize how to impact all of Europe with the gospel through art!! We couldn't say no to that!!

Anyways, we would love your prayers during this time! We don't know exactly what else we will be doing during this time but we are believing God for great things. He has been so ridiculously faithful to us!

"He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all--how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?" Romans 8:32

That's it for now. Love you all so much. Thank you for praying and standing with us! Let's all keep shining for Him wherever we are!

Much love from the Roque clan :-)

Friday, March 24, 2017

What a rollercoaster! - What's been happening since we arrived at Bethel




Well so much has happened since we've been up here in Redding. First of all it has RAINED harder than it has in years up here apparently. The Sacramento river is SO FLOODED and some streets up here are blocked off. It rained so hard that there was a huge leak in the apartment we are staying in so they landlord has to put all new carpet in! Which was a pain but I was secretly happy cuz the older carpet was gross lol.... so there was a blessing in the whole thing. =)

Anyhow here's what's been happening since we've been up here.

We finally were able to move into the little apartment next to our friends Kelly and Rylee and we just finished furnishing it and getting all those last needed odds and ends. We even got a little creative and started refinishing old cheap furniture making it look shabby chic! Kinda fun!  (See picture below).

There was a lot of attack the first few weeks of being here, like so bad. We were feeling so many strange weird feelings and picking up some of the atmosphere here in Redding (not Bethel church - which is amazing by the way- but more so in Redding) There are a lot of drugs up here and certain areas are a bit sketchy. Anyway more than that we felt the spiritual atmosphere here, just like a real lonely going nowhere feeling like I'm sure a lot of people who are stuck in drugs feel etc. But needless to say the devil does not want us here cuz it was hard... and we are pursuing doing a show that will change peoples lives and see them get saved so we can see why the attack... nothing new there! I think it was extra hard cuz we are entering a new territory in the spirit and we aren't familiar with these demons as much. But all the better to build our endurance right?!

So anyhow when March started the ATTACK LIFTED!!! Praise God and then all of a sudden all these amazing things started happening. We met a guy in World Market who's son is a music producer for all the theaters in town. We also met a woman at Macy's who knows an art director for Cirque Du Soleil and she gave us his info and we contacted him in Germany and he got back to us! We also know a guy (who is on this update list ;) who's son is married to a woman who's whole family are BEST friends with the FOUNDER of Cirque Du Soliel!! What!!! So cool.... Would be so cool if maybe we got a chance to visit the Cirque headquarters in Montreal and see how they do what they do and meet some people. =) We'll see.

We also are connected with a couple here who run this professional art school here at Bethel who really believe that our idea is from God and they said they'd be willing even in their busy schedule to work on perfecting the story line with us and connecting us with the right people. He is British and has done 20 years of theater and has worked with people like Angelina Jolie etc. Him and his wife are amazing. We had dinner with them last week and are starting to make plans to meet.

Also Luke and I went to this Bethel family event and I met a woman in line at the bathroom who moved up to Bethel from LA. She used to be a celebrity photographer and she is now helping run this huge art conference here that starts in May. She said there are some key people in Hollywood who are coming to speak at this conference- like the head of MGM, and two guys who directed Survivor, Glee and the Voice etc. When she heard our idea she said, "We have to get coffee!!I have to show you this film I am working on, there are some incredible dancers in it etc!" So we will be getting together with her soon.

ALSO, we are heading back to Europe this summer to connect with some more artists and contacts we made last summer and to marry some close YWAM friends of ours in Germany.(They graciously paid for us to come so we thought why not meet up with some contacts while we are there!) We skyped a guy we know in Germany who is the chairman of this gathering in Norway of ALL THESE ARTISTS from all over Europe who happen to bet gathering the week we will be visiting him. So we are going to fly to Norway to meet all these people.

Anyhow the list goes on... pray for us! We are still on mission even though we are back in California for a season. Nothing has changed in our hearts for the gospel to go fourth. So don't forget about us haha ;).

anyway, we love and appreciate all of you and are very grateful for every supporter who has been there for us in years past and those who are with us today! You all mean more to us than you know. Because of you the Kingdom of God is advancing!!!

Ok we'll send another update when more things start to develop!

love you all!!!

Bethany Luke and Josiah

Ps. Josiah just took is first steps this week!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh my little baby is growing up! He's the greatest thing that ever happened to us! God is SOOOOO good!!!
Luke getting all creative!
We keep running into YWAMers everywhere! Makes us feel at home!!
My little precious started taking his firsts steps this week! My heart melts at every step! I love you Josiah Roque!
The trees up here have all been blooming as spring is beginning! So beautiful!
Fun times!!
We painted this nasty old dresser and made it all Shabby Chic! =) Never done that before. I think this year is going to be a lot of firsts like this.
Luke and I finally got to go to a prophetic session where these amazing people who have been practicing prophecy for a long time speak some amazing things over you with out knowing anything about you! It was super encouraging!
It's been fun hearing Bill get all fired up about how much God is moving on the earth!! They really feel like God is targeting Europe which is so exciting!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Quick Video Update From Luke Bethany and Josiah!

Quick Video Update from us!

Update from Luke, Bethany and Josiah!!
Check out what God is doing with us next!! Super exciting! 

God Has SPOKEN! We Know What Our Next Step Is!

God has SPOKEN!

We know what our next step is!

Our time in Europe doing our scouting trip was super fruitful and now we know what our next step is!

Can't believe that our 5 months is almost over but we got the answers we were looking for!

Just to recap....Over the past five months God has done so much. We had an awesome time in Rhode Island visiting my (Luke’s) family. We were so pumped to meet Violet, my brother Andrew and his wife Caroline’s new baby! She was born 3 months after Josiah and they are the first 2 babies of the new generation of our family! A ton of my extended family traveled from Florida, New York, Colorado, and even Kansas to come join the party! We were calling it Baby-palooza 2016! Yeeew!
Here's a few people from the Roque family ...hanging with the 2 new babes :-)
Then we headed to Santa Barbara (California) where we’ve been based for most of the trip. It is always so great to come back and re-connect with our friends and our church family here!

We’ve been staying with our 2nd parents, the Dellars who have all but legally adopted us as their kids  :). (Love you guys!)  From here we have traveled back and forth visiting friends and supporters in San Diego, Los Angeles, and many places in between, going to weddings in Canada, Chicago, and Santa Cruz…and a trip to Las Vegas to see our first Cirque du Soleil Show! Haha! There is too much to recount here so I’ll just give a few photo highlights:
Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara
Everywhere we go, the Lord is constantly encouraging us saying "you're on the right track". Thankful for all the little "signs" :-)
When in California...Red or White?
Speaking of "signs", we were at a wine festival and the first people we meet are from Europe! We asked them, "What do you do for work?" "Oh we are church planters". Come on!!
Up in Canada eh? Near Squamish BC with Bethany's mom and her extended family.
Oh yeah and I lost my mohawk...sniff. Nah, that thing was too high maintenance :-)
Bethany's 91 year old grandma! We got to visit her in Surry BC and aslo go to our friend's wedding!
We had the privilege of marrying our friends Rylee and Kelly in Chicago...and re-uniting with our YWAM global family haha! Everyone in this photo is a YWAMer!
Visiting Sean Bolz's church in Hollywood, Expression 58. They are really making an impact in the entertainment industry for the Kingdom of God! We made a connection with a woman who has a heart to reach people through the arts like us! 
Interesting...when visiting Expression 58 we had to park down the street and happened to park across from this sign. Hmmm. This will make sense in a minute (keep reading).
Little man's first trip to Las Vegas! 
We got to see our first Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas! It was insane!!
We drag this little guy everywhere! So he's gotten good at passing out anywhere haha!
We then headed to Bethel Church up in Redding California where God showed us OUR NEXT STEP!

But before that we want to share what God did in Spain because that is where we feel the show will start from.

When we arrived in Barcelona we didn't have much from God as far as connections for our show but we knew we were suposed to go so we went anyway.

We did know some YWAMers there so we decided to meet up with them. We "happened" to arrive the same week that their first DTS was starting and they invited us to their welcome night. When we arrived we sat in the back far corner as we didn't know very many people. And we "happened" to sit next to this guy who was the speaker for the week and his topic was Creating with God haha! We were asked to gather in groups at the end of the night and pray for whoever was around you. So this guy turns around and introduces himself to us. All of a sudden Luke recognizes him and realized that he spoke on Luke's DTS years ago in 2009! We then go to share our vision for the show and his face lights up and he says that he now lives in Berlin, Germany which he said is a hot spot for the creative arts and that he knows a TON of artists and connections for our show AND said we should come and visit him in Berlin next time we are in Europe! Go God!

We also got connected with this other guy named Lance who lives in Madrid, Spain who has a team of 80 people who go around Spain and do evangelistic shows in a lot of the small towns. Our good friend and supporter gave us his contact while we were in Barcelona. We skyped with him and when we started sharing our idea his face lit up! He and his whole team have been talking about needing a show to the caliber of a Cirque Du Soleil show to get into the big cities. So when he met us he felt like we were a prophetic sign to what they've been feeling! He then went on to say we should come and visit Madrid and see all that they are doing. One cool thing is he has an entire legal team who works with the Spanish government on getting evangelistic shows into towns and cities and said he can help us with whatever we need! Go God!

(So needless to say, next time we head to Europe we are going to Berlin and Madrid to connect with these guys and meet all these artists and connections!)

Ok there was so much more but we'll stop it there and finally tell you OUR NEXT STEP!


The most revealing part of this faith/scouting trip was our time up at Bethel church in Redding (Northern California). We were both excited to go there for the first time because like many others we have been really impacted and encouraged by their worship, teaching, culture etc. But we weren’t prepared for what God had in store for us.

We met up with a couple that our friends from Australia had suggested we link up with. They are currently working in the realm of the arts (drama, music, dance etc) at Bethel and they have a desire to bring the Kingdom of God into that sphere with excellence and anointing! Sounds like the kind of people we need to meet…well we TOTALLY hit it off with them! They told us that there are several people they know who have similar ideas as us…doing cirque du soleil type stuff! Haha! We’re not the only crazy ones!

Anyways, to make a long story short – after a lot of prophetic signs and cool divine appointments that all happened over one weekend up there - we felt like God was saying that he wanted us to move to Redding to work on our show, connect with these artists and be a part of Bethel Church! We feel that Bethel is a place where we will make connections with people for our show…and a place where we'll build community with people who love God and that will encourage us to dream big and risk big for Him!

We will go to and from Europe from Redding until our show is developed to the point where we will launch it out of Barcelona, Spain. (Lord willing)

So there you have it!
We are moving to Redding!
Our plans for the next few months!
  • We are heading back to Australia for the month of November to sell all our stuff, share with the YWAM base, and say good bye to all our friends. =(
  • The YWAM base is completely behind us in our idea and still considers us part of them. So we are still with YWAM but instead of doing DTS we are joining an evangelistic ministry that targets different parts of the world - and Europe will be our target!
  • We have a lot to do so pray we pace ourselves and that we wrap up our time well in the Sunny Coast with close friends, all our ywam family and with our base leaders.
Thank you so much for loving on and believing in us in this time!! God is moving!!! Please keep us in your prayers! We love you all so much! 
Luke , Bethany and Josiah!

P.S. Here are some fun pics of our time at Bethel! So fun!
Bethel worship
Hanging with our YWAM friends who are doing the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Thanks for the love and hospitality Rylee, Kelly and Daggi! 
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Quick Update From Us! Pray For Us As We Are About To Leave For Spain.

Quick catch up update from us!

It's been a wild ride so far on this 5 month scouting trip! Can't believe it's almost over! God has done SO MUCH!! We have met so many people, made some really cool contacts, had some amazing divine appointments and have seen a TON of amazing friends and family! We are so excited to share more soon. And now we have ONE more leg left - Europe!

So far we have seen family on the east coast and Hawaii, been to 3 YWAM weddings (one of them we officiated - so fun), went to Vegas and saw our FIRST EVER Cirque Du Soleil show, and then made our way up to Bethel Church in Redding where God rocked us and spoke to us a lot about our future! (we'll share more soon =)....

anyway we just wanted to keep you all in the loop so you didn't think we forgot about you!

We have a ton of pics and a huge update we've already put together but we are saving it for after Europe just so we can include what God does in that time in our letter.

We leave Sunday for a month and would love your prayers! We are going to scout out locations for our show, reconnect with contacts and YWAM friends we made there 2 years ago, as well as possibly share on the DTS that's running there etc...

We also are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary there which is going to be so fun for us!!

Then we head to North Africa (locations hidden for security reasons) to see some really good friends who are doing ministry there among Muslims!

After Europe we will send our last update and REVEAL what is next for us! Cuz we already know... =) We'll keep you in suspense =). Some of you already know. =)


- That God connects us with the right people for our show
- That Luke and I have some quality time together. It's been GO GO GO so we really need some quiet time to reflect and process all that God has done. (pray for a baby sitter for us here lol)
- That we are an encouragement to our friends ministering in North Africa
- That no sickness or danger touches us at all!

That's it!

Talk to you soon!

Bethany, Luke and Josiah

P.S. Couldn't help but post some cute pics of Josiah. He's loving his bath times these days.


Monday, May 9, 2016

June 1st we are jumping off the cliff in faith! Here is our itinerary for our USA Visit + Europe scouting trip

     5 Months of Faith! (Our Itinerary Below)
As most of you know we are about to embark on a year of faith, taking a huge leap in believing God for a huge evangelistic show coming out of Europe. This year is going to be filled with lots of unknowns and adventure as our family seeks to find what God has in store. About 2 years ago God started speaking a LOT to us about Europe and His heart for all the nations that are there. When you walk the streets of Europe you find every nation on earth there: Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America, etc. Europe is the melting pot of the world right now and is so in need of Jesus Christ!  When Luke and I traveled there with a DTS team in 2014, God began a journey in our hearts to come back to Barcelona, Spain and do a HUGE evangelistic show to touch the different nations of the world that travel there for tourism. The show will be nothing short of a miracle as we have no idea how this whole thing will get pulled off but we really feel like God is asking us to trust him. 

The vision for the show: We envision it to be of the caliber of a Cirque Du Soleil show that is very high end and professional, explaining the gospel message in a very creative and captivating way. We feel like the show will come out of Barcelona, Spain touching the hearts of all the nations that travel there for tourism.

We have already drawn up a rough draft of the story line and had an artist sketch and storyboard the scenes. 

So what's next?

We are coming back to America for an extended time and coupling it with a scouting trip to Spain to see what doors God might open. 

We are packing up all of our stuff here in Australia and putting it in storage and getting rid of our apartment rental to save money and also because we don't know what the future holds as far as where we will be living after our travels. We trust God will show us by the end of our trip.

Our USA and Europe Itinerary:

June 1st-23rd - Rhode Island to visit Luke's family so they can meet Josiah. =) Yay!

June 23rd-July 25th - Santa Barbara to visit friends, supporters and our church Reality.

July 25-August 3rd - Vancouver to see my mom's side of the family. Josiah will meet his great grandmother for the first time. And we also will be going to a YWAM wedding of a couple we are close to and have discipled over the years.

August 3-7 - Chicago. We are marrying a YWAM couple who we have been very close to us and serving as staff here at YWAM Sunshine Coast.

August 7-29th - back to Santa Barbara

Aug 29-Sept 10 - Redding California to visit Bethel about possible connections for our show and to just get refreshed. And Santa Cruz for another YWAM wedding. (Yup lots of weddings... that's what happens when you disciple young people in their 20s lol  =)

Sept 10-25th - back to Santa Barbara

Sept 25th- Oct25th - Barcelona, Spain to make connections for our show and visit the YWAM connections we made there last time we visited. And also to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. We are hoping to take a short Mediterranean cruise as we've always wanted to do that since we first got married. And North Africa to visit some very dear friends who are reaching out to muslims there. We can't mention their names for security reasons.

Oct 25th - Nov 1st - back to Santa Barbara 

Nov 1st - Back to Australia.

Pheeeew!! That was a lot.

We DON'T know exactly how this year will look but we just want to be obedient to what we feel God is saying. So we are just going to step off the cliff and see what happens. 
PLEASE keep us in your prayers!

Can't wait to see you all and have you meet JOSIAH!!! YAY!!
We visited Bethany's family in Hawaii. Josiah got to meet his grandparents for the first time!! We also used this trip as a trial run to see how Josiah did traveling. He did AMAZING!! The boy was meant for travel. It's a good thing too cuz this year will be full of it. =)
Got to visit the Kona YWAM base and meet up with an old friend Dan Baumann. While we were there we were so encouraged to believe for big things as we saw the Kona campus finally get their HUGE dining hall that they've been believing for for a long time. There was one student who donated 8 million dollars to help put it together. God can do anything!! =)
Luke turned 36 and got to take Josiah to the beach for the first time!

Well I think there is going to be a lot of airport packing and long flights ahead for the three of us! But we are so excited and can't wait for the journey ahead... whatever God may bring. Love you all!!

Luke, Bethany and Josiah
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