Friday, March 24, 2017

What a rollercoaster! - What's been happening since we arrived at Bethel




Well so much has happened since we've been up here in Redding. First of all it has RAINED harder than it has in years up here apparently. The Sacramento river is SO FLOODED and some streets up here are blocked off. It rained so hard that there was a huge leak in the apartment we are staying in so they landlord has to put all new carpet in! Which was a pain but I was secretly happy cuz the older carpet was gross lol.... so there was a blessing in the whole thing. =)

Anyhow here's what's been happening since we've been up here.

We finally were able to move into the little apartment next to our friends Kelly and Rylee and we just finished furnishing it and getting all those last needed odds and ends. We even got a little creative and started refinishing old cheap furniture making it look shabby chic! Kinda fun!  (See picture below).

There was a lot of attack the first few weeks of being here, like so bad. We were feeling so many strange weird feelings and picking up some of the atmosphere here in Redding (not Bethel church - which is amazing by the way- but more so in Redding) There are a lot of drugs up here and certain areas are a bit sketchy. Anyway more than that we felt the spiritual atmosphere here, just like a real lonely going nowhere feeling like I'm sure a lot of people who are stuck in drugs feel etc. But needless to say the devil does not want us here cuz it was hard... and we are pursuing doing a show that will change peoples lives and see them get saved so we can see why the attack... nothing new there! I think it was extra hard cuz we are entering a new territory in the spirit and we aren't familiar with these demons as much. But all the better to build our endurance right?!

So anyhow when March started the ATTACK LIFTED!!! Praise God and then all of a sudden all these amazing things started happening. We met a guy in World Market who's son is a music producer for all the theaters in town. We also met a woman at Macy's who knows an art director for Cirque Du Soleil and she gave us his info and we contacted him in Germany and he got back to us! We also know a guy (who is on this update list ;) who's son is married to a woman who's whole family are BEST friends with the FOUNDER of Cirque Du Soliel!! What!!! So cool.... Would be so cool if maybe we got a chance to visit the Cirque headquarters in Montreal and see how they do what they do and meet some people. =) We'll see.

We also are connected with a couple here who run this professional art school here at Bethel who really believe that our idea is from God and they said they'd be willing even in their busy schedule to work on perfecting the story line with us and connecting us with the right people. He is British and has done 20 years of theater and has worked with people like Angelina Jolie etc. Him and his wife are amazing. We had dinner with them last week and are starting to make plans to meet.

Also Luke and I went to this Bethel family event and I met a woman in line at the bathroom who moved up to Bethel from LA. She used to be a celebrity photographer and she is now helping run this huge art conference here that starts in May. She said there are some key people in Hollywood who are coming to speak at this conference- like the head of MGM, and two guys who directed Survivor, Glee and the Voice etc. When she heard our idea she said, "We have to get coffee!!I have to show you this film I am working on, there are some incredible dancers in it etc!" So we will be getting together with her soon.

ALSO, we are heading back to Europe this summer to connect with some more artists and contacts we made last summer and to marry some close YWAM friends of ours in Germany.(They graciously paid for us to come so we thought why not meet up with some contacts while we are there!) We skyped a guy we know in Germany who is the chairman of this gathering in Norway of ALL THESE ARTISTS from all over Europe who happen to bet gathering the week we will be visiting him. So we are going to fly to Norway to meet all these people.

Anyhow the list goes on... pray for us! We are still on mission even though we are back in California for a season. Nothing has changed in our hearts for the gospel to go fourth. So don't forget about us haha ;).

anyway, we love and appreciate all of you and are very grateful for every supporter who has been there for us in years past and those who are with us today! You all mean more to us than you know. Because of you the Kingdom of God is advancing!!!

Ok we'll send another update when more things start to develop!

love you all!!!

Bethany Luke and Josiah

Ps. Josiah just took is first steps this week!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh my little baby is growing up! He's the greatest thing that ever happened to us! God is SOOOOO good!!!
Luke getting all creative!
We keep running into YWAMers everywhere! Makes us feel at home!!
My little precious started taking his firsts steps this week! My heart melts at every step! I love you Josiah Roque!
The trees up here have all been blooming as spring is beginning! So beautiful!
Fun times!!
We painted this nasty old dresser and made it all Shabby Chic! =) Never done that before. I think this year is going to be a lot of firsts like this.
Luke and I finally got to go to a prophetic session where these amazing people who have been practicing prophecy for a long time speak some amazing things over you with out knowing anything about you! It was super encouraging!
It's been fun hearing Bill get all fired up about how much God is moving on the earth!! They really feel like God is targeting Europe which is so exciting!!

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